Learn all about investing in real estate in Charlotte, North Carolina with a combination of real estate financial planning and modeling with numbers specific to Charlotte plus syndicated, more generalized recordings of live and pre-recorded real estate investing classes (not all specific to Charlotte).

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How Much Down Payment for Investment Property?

In this mini-class, James discusses the various down payment options available to real estate investors including some special owner-occupant loans for investors using...

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do When You’re Buying a Rental Property?

James discusses exactly what your real estate agent does when you're buying a rental property.

Improving Cash Flow When Searching for Your Next Rental Property

James discusses how to improve cash flow when searching for your next rental property.

Real Estate Financial Planner™ Coaching - When to Do Upgrades with a Value-Add Rental Property

James talks about how to determine when you do upgrades or improvements to a value-add rental property.

Real Estate Financial Planner™ Coaching - Your Financial Independence

Listen in to the Your Financial Independence module for the new Real Estate Financial Planner™ Coaching program for those looking to buy a property.

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